How To Do The Stingray Shuffle

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Just What Is The “Stingray Shuffle?”

The Stingray Shuffle is a pronounced and exaggerated walking movement to help you avoid stingray hits. By shuffling your feet and creating a ground vibration, moving sand and splashing water, the stingray will ‘generally’ go away from you.

You can imagine your footwork as somewhere between a Frankenstein walk and walking home from the bar at 2 a.m. Pound your feet (or body) as loudly as you can.

Here are a number of various foot walking / stingray shuffling techniques.




stingray-quickfeet-seagulls stingray-LaDainianTomlinson4 stingray-LaDainianTomlinson3 stingray-LaDainianTomlinson2 stingray-LaDainianTomlinson stingray-stingray


stingray-frozen-thriller stingray-basketball stingray-quickfeet-addams stingray-quickfeet stingray-walk-on-water  stingray-stingray2

stingray-soultrain2 stingray-tapdancing stingray-basketball-jordan

The LaDainian Tomlinson Spin Move

stingray-ali stingray-astaire stingray-ballet stingray-beatles stingray-cat stingray-dancers stingray-dancers2 stingray-dog stingray-drunken stingray-flashdance stingray-frankenstein stingray-godzilla stingray-haka stingray-horse stingray-ickey stingray-jillian stingray-leggrab stingray-lionel stingray-moonwalk stingray-penquin stingray-rockettes stingray-saturdaynight stingray-skippingrope stingray-soultrain stingray-temps stingray-thriller stingray-walk-on-water stingray-walkthisway stingray-wiley stingray-zombies




Bye, Bye, Bye…


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