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Moonlight Beach, well, technically Moonlight State Beach, is a state beach (surprise) in Encinitas, California – but it is managed by the city.

You can find Moonlight, by exiting I5 at Encinitas Blvd, and driving west until you hit the Pacific Ocean (about 1 mile). You can find maps and tourist information here: Encinitas Travel Books

Moonlight Beach aerial view

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For locals, Moonlight is the secret beach of North San Diego County. It is big enough to hold events like surfing contests, but not so big that it can cater to large crowds like at Pacific Beach in San Diego.


It is popular

with both tourists, the annual Woody Car Meet,


Moonlight Beach volleyball

volleyball players (3 courts)

and the typical local, funky resident – below, with Moonlight Beach in the distance, singing the good-bye song to the Surfing Madonna. Yep, only in Encinitas.

It is one of the few beaches that has a bonfire pit. Oh, did I mention funky locals?

Some say that Moonlight Beach got its name because it is one of the few beaches in North County that has level (car) access, and not the 100’+ sand bluffs that make most beaches, like Beacon’s Beach, Stone Steps and Grandview, only accessible via a long steep stairway.

Moonlight Beach - D Street - Swamis

Legend has it that the level access was used by moonshiners to deliver their goods under the cover of night… thus, Moonlight Beach. Regardless, you can still find quite an array of alcoholic beverages on those hot summer days.

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